Brinton Taylor for Otter Marketing


Agile Marketing Leader Passionate About Innovative Products

A Dive into: Relatable, Rememberable, & Remarkable Marketing


Otter’s “WHY,” resonates with me. Taking on big ideas, being customer-focused, and relentlessly driving to build the best is how I operate. This fiber, at the heart of Otter Products and its people, is what I am known for.

I am a marketer who views challenges and problems through a holistic lens. In my 15 years of experience, I have developed a framework that has successfully aided me in building brands that grow companies. I call it my “3R” approach: Relatable, Rememberable, Remarkable.

Relatable: I invest in developing a deep understanding of who my customers are. Knowing what drives them and how to be a solution to their needs is paramount to producing authentic work.

Rememberable: Part recall, part love. Rememberable happens at the intersection between the brand, the customer, and their need-state. This is where I thrive! This space is where I utilize advertising to address tensions, showcasing my solutions.

Remarkable: “To be worthy of attention.” I want to go beyond storytelling to craft experiences. Experiences that demand participation and are novel. I do this by collaborating outside of marketing to involve operations and build around the touchpoints customers have with my brand.

Forget intangible, feel-good affirmations — culture is all about core values.

Whether it is a customer or a colleague working by my side… when personal and business values align, great things happen. Your core values are ones that I embody and practice in every aspect of my life.

Golden Rule

Respect is a building block for collaboration, perhaps humankind’s most powerful tool. Teams produce the best ideas when they are appreciated and valued.


I am a marketer for a reason… I am passionate about sharing innovative ideas and creating value. My passion pushes me through difficult times because I will do what it takes to become better. Marketing is my craft.


Being innovative means not being afraid to act. I want to take on things that seem audacious and have never been done before. To innovate, I challenge ideas constructively. I reimagine what I see and embrace the idea that people don’t want a product, but a solution. This shift opens more doors of opportunity.


I hold myself to a high standard and continuously raise the bar. My integrity is non-negotiable. It is in my DNA.

Giving Back

The idea of growing to give is perhaps one of the things I love most about Otter. The notion of giving back/paying it forward makes me happy, and I would not be who or where I am today without help. I want to work for a company that could multiply my efforts.

“Oh, what a great Otter I would be.”

I would love my next career move to be at a company that shares my beliefs. I hope to have the “ottertunity” to discuss a position and look forward to speaking with you.

– Brinton Taylor

[email protected] | 307.761.1528